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HomeSleep Sleeprecording and analysis -software:


HomeSleep Sleeprecording and analysis software for Windows


HomeSleep Mobile recording software for Nokia S60:


HomeSleep Mobile for Nokia S60


HomeSleep sleep study is performed using a cheap voice recording device of your own like MP3 player or mobile phone. The recording is very simple and it does not disturb your sleep!

The idea is to record any voices and sounds generated by the sleeping subject. These may be snoring sounds or sounds due to the movements of legs or body of the sleeping subject. The all-night audio recording is then analyzed. The analysis is automatic and you get graphic and numeric values as a print-out. The graphic preview output is free and you see that the recording was successful. The complete analysis is extremely cheap compared to any other sleep study!

Sleep study, the all-night sleeprecording

You may use a MP3 PLAYER / RECORDER, a DICTATION device or a MOBILE PHONE  to perform the all-night recording.

When using a MP3 player recording (dictation) facility is required. The recording capacity has to be 6 - 9 hours, about 100Mb of memory. Typically the MP3 players have capacity of 500-4000 MB (0.5-4 GB) which is enough for several nights.

To use HomeSleep the MP3 device should use one of the following formats to save recording data:

  • MP3, 8000Hz
  • WMA, 8000Hz
  • WAV, IMA ADPCM, 4-bit, 8000Hz

The supported MP3 devices are include models from

  • Creative
  • Philips
  • Sony
  • and many others

Please see the device user guide to find out the recording data format. You can also easily test if your device is compatible: first make a short recording (e.g. 15 minutes) of any voice. Then download HomeSleep software and try to open the recording file from your device.

Remember to charge the MP3 player full or change a new battery to have the maximum recording capacity available.

How to make mobile phone recording?

If you want to make the all-night recording using your Nokia mobile phone you need the free HomeSleep Mobile recording software:

DOWNLOAD HERE: HomeSleep Mobile for Nokia S60


The following Nokia S60 mobile phones are suitable: S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition

Install HomeSleep Mobile into your Nokia phone using the phone web browser or Nokia PC Suite with data cable / Bluetooth connection. HomeSleep application is located in Applications or Installations folder.


1. Charge the battery of the mobile phone

2. Start HomeSleep Mobile

Start the all night sleeprecooding using START key (right selection key). Maximum duration of the recording is 9 hours.

3. Locate mobile phone similarly as MP3 device (see below).

3.1. If you are interested in snornig locate the phone near to you face and mouth.

3.2. If your are interested in leg movements and restless sleep locate the mobile phone to listen to the sounds and voices generated by the leg movements. Best location is to fix the device to your pyjama trousers or to your sock. You can also locate the mobile phone beneath the linen.



HomeSleep is monitoring your sleep using the very sensitive microphone. It listens to your snoring and breathing. If located near to legs and feet it detects the sounds and voices generated by the movements of the legs and feet against the linen. There is a time-counter on the screen. It tells you the remaining capacity for the recording.





4. In the morning you may stop the recording using STOP key and store the data into the phone memory using OK key. The recording stops automatically after 9 hours.

To Stop recording earlier press Stop (right selection key). Next, the HomeSleep data file will be stored in the mobile phone memory. Write down the location of the file.

5. Write down your approximate time of falling asleep (sleep latency eg. 15 minutes) and waking up.

6. Download the HomeSleep PC -analysis software. It extracts the recording and can deliver a detailed analysis.

Sleep Mobile application stores the data into the memory of the phone and tells the name of the file. The name consists of the date and start time of the all-night recording.



Then connect the mobile phone to your PC with Nokia PC Suite. You find the data in folder:
My Computer\Nokia Phone Browser\[phone model]\[C: or E: or F:]\Data\HomeSleep\

How to make a HomeSleep MP3 -recording?

In the evening:

1. Charge the battery of MP3 device or your mobile phone full.

2. Start the recording from the menu of the MP3 device.

The HomeSleep recording software is started from the Applications Folder of your mobile phone.

3. If you are interested in snoring you have to locate MP3-device or phone as near as possible to your face and mouth, see picture.


3. If you are interested in leg movements and restless sleep you have locate recording MP3-device or mobile phone to listen to the sounds and voices generated by the leg movements. Best location is to fix the device to your pajama trousers or to your sock, see picture. You also may put the MP3 player inside a paper or plastic bag. It may amplify the sounds generated by the movements (see picture) and the device may be beneath the linen.

leg_mov_mp3 leg_mov_mob

leg mov mob

During the night time:

HomeSleep is monitoring your sleep using the very sensitive microphone. It listens to your snoring and breathing. If located near to legs and feet it detects the sounds and voices generated by the movements of the legs and feet against the linen.

In the morning:

4. Stop the recording. Press STOP button of MP3 player or Nokia mobile phone. The HomeSleep file is stored on the MP3 device memory or mobile phone memory.

MP3 may be F:, G: etc and there e.g.\Recordings\Rec0001.wav. The size of the file is typically 50-100 Mb

5. Write down the following times:

    • Start time of recording   (e.g. 22:00)
    • Latency untill the sleep  (e.g. 15 minutes)
    • End time of your sleep    (e.g. 6:00)



Analysis of the HomeSleep recording

The all night data is analyzed using HomeSleep analysis software in your PC. The graphic preview of the signals is totally free and you see that the recording was successful.

Download SleepRecording software and install it to your computer:


HomeSleep SleepRecording for Windows

Connect MP3 player/recorder or mobile phone to your PC (USB connector, data cable).

You may transfer / download the MP3 data to PC hard disk, typically this takes up to one minute.

Start HomeSleep software.


7. HomeSleep analysis asks you to download the proper all night recording data from the recording device.

It may locate in the Recordings folder of the MP3 device (F: or G:) or on the hard disk of your PC if you have already moved it to PC.


It processes the signal for a couple of minutes to make the compressed graphical output of the recording.

Next HomeSleep asks for the


TYPE (snoring or movements),


SLEEP LATENCY TIME (e.g. 15 min) and

SLEEP END TIME of your recording (e.g. 7:00).



Thereafter HomeSleep generates a graphic preview of the all-night recording.



From the graph you see the compressed sound/voice pattern of the all-night recording and that the recording was successful.



Complete analysis with print-out and numeric values

If you want to have the complete analysis you should go to LICENSE PURCHASE .

The license is purchased using your credit card with the reliable PAYPAL service. The price for seven nights analysis is 9.90€. The license is sent to your e-mail.

Copy the license file it to the desktop of your PC and drag and drop the license into the analysis program license box using mouse.

The license gives seven full analysis for seven all night recordings.  Thus the price for a single night sleep study is really less than 2€! This is 100x less than price of any other sleep recordings.



The complete HomeSleep SleepRecording analysis gives you:

The full graph of signals, detection levels and detected events. You may go through the recording in short time periods to check for any details just by mouse clicking.

The amount and percentage of snoring, heavy snoring and periodic noises. All the important findings are illustrated in different colours: GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW and RED!

The number of minutes during the night, when the sleep was disturbed by snoring.

The amount and percentage of periodic snoring with periodic silent pauses. This periodic snoring is most often associated with sleep apneas, silent breathing pauses during sleep.

The number and percentage of movements, e.g. foot or body movements.

The number and percentage of periodic leg movements. The number of periodic leg movements in one hour = Periodic Leg Movement Index PLMI


You may take the print-outs of the output graphs and results to your sleep doctor. He/she may tell you if the finding is significantly associated to some medical problem and how to proceed in diagnosis and treatment.

The graphs and results may be also used to follow-up some treatments and treatments and therapy for insomnia and restless sleep. No medical disorder may be diagnosed or ruled-out using the HomeSleep without medical knowledge.

Results for seven nights are much more reliable than single night study. From several recordings it is possible to see the variation and consistency of your sleep problems. This is typically problem if only one night sleep study is used.

HomeSleep is recommended to be performed for 3-4-5-7 nights to get reliable findings!




NOTE: HomeSleep is a monitoring and screening tool for sleep and its disorders. It is not a medical tool for diagnosis of any disease. You may use HomeSleep to get more information about the sleep for you, for your doctor and sleep specialists. Especially, if you have any symptoms of any diseases you should visit your doctor!

In any case SmartValley Software Ltd does not take any responsibility on the use of the results obtained using HomeSleep Sleeprecording service.

HomeSleep SleepRecording technology is patented. It is based on same innovations as the famous HappyWakeUp smart alarm clock.